Concrete Lubrication

You can create smooth structures on a surface with a few coats of concrete lubricant. The material’s ruggedness and character is absolutely essential in order to truly create life. A concrete lubricant is such a material.

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Brick Concept

TotalStone Bricks contribute to a beautiful, natural and aesthetic appearance, which has been formed by nature over the years.

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Natural Stone

Natural Stone is of 1st class quality amongst the real natural stones. Natural Stone is TOTALStone Netherlands’ natural stone category for both indoor and outdoor use.

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TOTALStone: wood effect panels and more

TOTALStone offers rock solid products for wall and ceiling finishes, coating objects and creating specific decorative elements, like barnwood wall panels. Our true to nature reproductions of bricks, stones, boulders and vaults are lightweight and fast, clean and easy to install. By using the right finishing materials, a seamless whole with a perfect result arises, like our wood effect panels. Indoors and outdoors, in the basement or the attic; our wooden wall strips and other products can easily be installed. Walls, ceilings, new built or renovated, rough or classic, anything is possible. We work project-based for organisations and deliver to individuals as well.

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