Natural Wood

Natural Wood
Consisting of BarnWood and teak wood.
BarnWood is new to our collection. All with their own unique character.

Once upon a time these boards served as cladding for old farms and stables in the Austrian Alps. The rain, wind and sunshine have made these boards what they are today. The used planks’ original colour is unique and will truly make your project stand out.

The boards are sorted by colour, after which they are dried to approximately 12%. They are subsequently planed to the required thickness (approximately 20 mm) and provided with tongue and groove. And finally the different sections are brushed and packaged.

The width is mixed, varying from 12 cm to 25 cm. The length is 150 cm to 350 cm.

BarnWood Salzburg is supplied in 3 different colours, grey (A), dark brown (B) and light brown (C).

The hills high above Toronto also provide very favourable conditions for ageing any wood derived from this area. This is where you’ll find the Barns which have been affected by time and the elements to such an extent that they have taken on a unique look.
The original Canadian BarnWood comes from this area.
These barns were often erected by the 1st or 2nd generation of European migrants and were usually made of Pine or Hemlock.
The various different sections are traditionally brushed and neatly packaged, once the barns have been dismantled.
The BarnWood Toronto is available in 4 different colours (brown, grey, green and red).

BarnWood Pennsylvania is our product for outdoor use. In addition to serving as wall covering for indoor walls, BarnWood is certainly also a fantastic product for covering external walls. The oak boards originally came from old barns and stables in the North East of Pittsburgh in the United States. The wind, rain and sunshine have made these board what they are today. The oak boards are virtually straight, ensuring they are easily and instantly ready for use.

Genève (brut)
BarnWood Genève is the raw product in our range. It’s characterised by the various different thicknesses (20 to 30 mm) and the original sides. These boards have been used as exterior wall cladding in the Alps for the past 50 years. These boards have taken on a fantastic appearance as a result of the extreme weather conditions. The heartwood has remained and the soft wood has been compacted or worn away. This has given these boards an original and inimitable character. The boards have been dried to 12%, brushed and sorted by quality and the colour grey. The width varies.

Our BarnWood Caucasus panels are produced deep in the Caucasus in the town of Kutaisi in Georgia. These decorative panels are made from the facades of old deserted farms and homes in remote mountain villages, situated in the rugged Caucasus Mountains.

Centuries old beams are used as the main ingredients, which used to be finished by hand. Long before the era of power tools. This is very much evident in the product. Plus this project also has a green character in addition to its social character, as we’re using this project to support employment at a fair wage in this less well developed area.

The panels are mainly made of oak, elm or walnut. The boards are first manually cleaned and heated to 60 degrees, which will rid the wood of all insects. It’s subsequently sawn into small sections and glued together into panels measuring 60x21cm.

Wagon parts
These oak wagon parts originated from the Austrian Railways’ goods wagons and have managed to sustain themselves in extreme conditions.

This has given them their unique robust look and makes them perfect for use as tables, kitchen countertops or cabinets. The boards are dried to 12%, as they are often used in indoor situations.

Irregolare is a 3D product. It’s made up of various different thicknesses, lengths and widths. This combination has given the product a 3D effect.

BarnWood Irregolare is made from various different types of softwood, like spruce, fir and pine. These are sorted in line with their surface area.

The solid sections of BarnWood are provided with tongue and groove. The different sections are subsequently packed into boxes containing 0.8 m2 and can be easily mounted.

A flat sheet is preferred for some applications. We keep the BarnWood Innsbruck panels in stock for these specific applications. The top layer of these panels used to serve as wall cladding for old farms and stables in the Austrian Alps. The wind, rain and sunshine have made these boards what they are today. The original colour of these boards is unique and will make your project truly stand out. Two layers of softwood have been cross-bonded underneath the top layer. Like a type of 3-ply plywood. This cross-bonding has resulted in the required stability.

The panels are sorted by colour, brush dried to approximately 12%. Ideal for indoor use. These panels are not suitable for outdoor use.

BarnWood Innsbruck is supplied in 3 different colours, grey (A), light brown (B) and dark brown (C).

Our design product is ultimately suitable for giving your interior that fantastic extra look. The panels are made from wood which has battled the elements in the Austrian mountains for many years. Time has affected the wood’s surface to such an extent that it has acquired a unique character.

The top layer of the 3-ply sheet has taken on a cube shape as various different coloured pieces of wood have been used. The wood is dried to 12% and the sheets’ dimensions are 285cm x 117cm.

BarnWood Design is available in 5 different colours/patterns.

Scrap Wood
Our BarnWood Scrap Wood is sawn from old American pine beams. These beams come from a former cattle feed mill in Mechelen and date back to 1870. We process these massive beams into planks measuring 14-16- 16 mm. The beams are available either planed or with authentic layers of paint, which has given it even more character. The Mechelen wood tells an extraordinary story, one we would gladly share with you.

Teak Wood
This teak wood comes from Indonesia and is made from split teak and processed as a wall finish for internal walls. It’s neatly glued on with interlocking, making sure it seamlessly connects. All products have their own individual look. The collection consists of:

  • Teak wood cladding erotic (mosaic)
  • Teak wood cladding rustic 2 cm
  • Teak wood cladding rustic 4 cm
  • Teak wood cladding erotic 2 cm