Neolith is made of porcelain and provides efficient solutions for demanding architectural projects. The variety of different colours and finishes means it can be used for many interior and exterior applications.

The first thing which makes Neolith unique is the large size and the limited thickness in which it’s available: 1200x600x5 mm. This limited thickness has resulted in weight savings which simplify the processing. Plus Neolith is also hygienic, waterproof and can resist high temperatures and fire. It’s exclusively made from environmentally friendly components, fully recyclable and is a very sustainable product as a result of its longevity.
This product has been given its ideal strong characteristics as a result of the top quality production method, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor flooring, walls, ceilings, customised interiors and facades. Neolith is 100% antibacterial, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Very easy to clean and resistant to any kind of dirt and acids.