Barnwood wall panels

Barnwood wall panels are now available at TOTALStone Nederland. These are wooden panels that are being reused. They are a little damaged, have character and bring a story with them. It suits completely with our aim to stay true to nature. We use special techniques to form details and shapes without losing the natural look of the product. We offer a wide range of different wall panels for you to choose from.

Barnwood wall panels: wooden panels with character

Barnwoord wall panels bring character to your area. Whether you own a restaurant, a shop or an office; you can turn your white walls into real eye catchers with Barnwood wall panels. Barnwood wall panels are made from old wood that was used in barns a long time ago. We offer more types of wooden wall panels, with each a different character.

Our Barnwood

Our Barnwood is made from old American pine beams. They come from a former feed mill in Mechelen and date from the 1870’s. Out of these beams, we make Barnwood wall panels, available with authentic paint layers. The wood from Mechelen brings a great story to your area. For more information about our Barnwood wall panels, you are free to contact us by calling +31 (0) 413 228 971.

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